What is Embrace Beauty Program?

Embrace Beauty Program is a Loyalty Program. The more often you buy, the more points you will earn and the greater rewards will be for you!

How to Use & Benefit from

1- Sign Up:

Sign Up with your E-mail. Don’t forget to turn on receiving emails to get notified with our offers and rewards when collecting points.

2- Shop:

Embrace your beauty with our products from Folar by Kamar and earn points with every purchase.

3- Earn:

As you can collect more points by:
  • Referring us to your friends.
  • Review on Website.
  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook

4- Redeem:

After enjoying your shopping from Folar by Kamar!.
You can now redeem them directly on our platform:

  • A cash back
  • A free product
  • Discounts

How to Move to Next Level?

As a new member, you will start at the Bronze tier. Earn 200 points and become a Silver member. Reach 650 points and become a Gold member.

Bronze Silver Gold
Access to Tiers (Based on purchase) Up to 199 Points Between 200 and 649 Points 650 Points and above
Earned Points (For every 1$ spent) 1 Point 1.5 Points 2 Points
Extra points when leveling up 0 Points 10 Points 20 Points
Exclusive Offers and Promotions No Occasionally Yes
Cash Back No Yes Yes
Birthday 50 Points 100 Points 200 Points